Parking Lot Sweeping


Clean parking lots enhance experience and convenience for your clients and tenants when they do business with you. Plus, they maintain property value and appeal.

Our parking sweeping services include:

  • Detailing of sidewalks, curb lines, and corners
  • Power sweeping of all hard surfaces
Pressure Washing


Pressure washing keeps surfaces looking new and clean. By using this service regularly you can boost your business and preserve the value of your property. We are conscientious of our environmental impact by using a biodegradable degreaser and capturing our runoff water in order to dispose of it safely.

Our pressure washing service includes:

  • Sidewalks
  • Dumpster enclosures
  • Buildings
Facility Maintenance

Facility maintenance

We help your building maintain a high standard of appearance. Our quick and efficient service takes the headache out of dealing with repairs and maintenance issues.

Some of the many maintenance services we offer include:

  • Electrical and lighting repairs
  • Painting
  • Ceiling tile replacement
  • Bollard repairs
Day Porter Services


Maintaining property appearance and sanitation is a continuous concern. Our professional day porters will provide immediate action to address these issues.

Our day porter services include:

  • Litter, gum, and spill removal
  • Emptying of trash receptacles
  • Dusting and cobweb removal
  • Window Cleaning